Sire Test August 2 for Temporary Siren

Monthly Emergency Warning System Test Scheduled for Today - August 2nd - Temporary Signal At The DPW Will Be Used

            The Frankenmuth Fire Department, in cooperation with the Saginaw County 911 Authority, is planning to conduct its monthly emergency warning system (siren) testing at approximately 6:00 P.M. on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.  The Frankenmuth Community has two warning sirens - one located at the Fire Department, which is currently out of service for maintenance, and the second located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 190 Plant Street.  Because the fire station's siren is currently out of service, a temporary siren has been located at the Department of Public Works, 216 W. Schleier Street, and will be utilized in the coming months for both testing and should there be an emergency need. 

According to Fire Chief Phillip Kerns, the sirens will cycle for approximately 30 seconds when being tested; however, should a tornado warning be issued, the sirens will sound for three minutes and may repeat for as many times as deemed necessary.  Residents are advised to utilize cell phones and weather radios as their primary alerting system as these emergency sirens are a back-up and depending on weather conditions, are limited in their effectiveness.  One other method citizens can utilize is to register for Saginaw County 911 emergency notifications here