Guide to Development

The City of Frankenmuth has developed a toolkit to help those looking to construct a commercial project. This guide will help applicants determine the steps of the development process including preliminary meetings, board and commission meetings, and estimated timelines.  The toolkit also includes helpful links, contact information, and resources. For user-friendliness, the toolkit has been split into 5 sections - each one a different stage in the process. They are as follows:

   1.  Getting Started  - Whether you have a fully developed business concept or just an inkling of an idea, it’s important to understand how the development building blocks apply to your project. From understanding what you are allowed to do and where you can do it, to learning all about parking, signage, storm water management and permitting, this toolbox moves you through the development process.
             2. Pre Application  - The development process can seem difficult  at times. This guide serves to aid you in the undertaking. If you follow the proper steps outlined in this packet, areas can be identified that save you time, money, and heartburn. It will also introduce you to our “team” that does not want to remain behind the curtains when you are developing your project. We want to assist you in streamlining the process! 
             3. Site Plan - At this point, you should have already had a pre-application meeting with City Staff. If you’ve had this meeting, you will know if you need to go through the formal Site Plan process. Your detailed site plan helps the board and committee members understand how your development complies with zoning standards. This packet will guide you through the site plan standards and meeting process.
             4. Building Codes - Now that you have gained approval for your project and its layout, your next step is approving  your construction plans through the building codes department. Building permits allow you to legally begin construction on your project. Having a permit proves that your project construction drawings have been cleared and meet all necessary specifications. It also gives you satisfaction that your structure, as approved for construction, is safe and compliant with existing codes. 
             5. Annexation - Is your lot bordering the urban limit line? Do you want to build outside of the city, but utilize city amenities? This calls for the annexation process. A property must be annexed by the City from the Township in order for the property to receive services such as utility service (water and sanitary sewer) or trash services. The property must be located within the Urban Limit Line, as approved by the City and Township in the 2015 Joint Growth Management Master Plan.  

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