Historic Preservation District

The City of Frankenmuth’s Historic Preservation District  is unique. It focuses both on recognition of existing or found historic character but also specifically encourages the incorporation and adoption of architecture that complements the City’s Bavarian heritage. Further, substantial changes have been made to structures within the City’s Historic Preservation District prior to and since its creation in the 1980s. The overwhelming intent of the HPDC is to encourage preservation and restoration whenever possible, while permitting property owners the opportunity to restore, rehabilitate and construct when other alternatives are not reasonable.

The City of Frankenmuth’s Historic Preservation District Commission (HPDC) consists of five (5) commission members appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. Commissioners are appointed to a three-year term, with memberships eligible for renewal at the completion of those terms. Interim vacancies shall be filled, by appointment of the Mayor, subject to confirmation of the legislative body, for completion of the unexpired term.

Members of the Historic Preservation District Commission are residents of the City of Frankenmuth. Two of said members shall be appointed from a list of citizens submitted by the Frankenmuth Historical Association, with the remaining members including; one (1) resident architect duly registered in the State of Michigan; one (1) member of the City Planning Commission; one (1) member of the City Council. In the event that membership in the Commission cannot be filled through the recognized selection process, then membership may be filled by citizens at-large through appointment. When possible, memberships at large should be filled by residents within the Historic District.

The Commission is to elect its own Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary. A full description of the Historic Preservation District Commission’s administration, operations, and enforcements are held within Chapter 54 of the City’s Zoning and Planning Code.