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Known as a serious, four-season tourism destination, Frankenmuth entertains millions of visitors annually. Anchored by world renowned businesses including Bronner's Christmas WonderlandZehnder's of Frankenmuth and Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn,  Frankenmuth's tourism market is healthy and ready to grow with new retail and entertainment destinations.

Zehnders of Frankenmuth

Zehnders of Frankenmuth

Did you know that Frankenmuth is also home to a major agri-businessa major insurance carrier and hundreds of businesses in local retail, personal and professional service and industry?

frankenmuth insurance
Frankenmuth Insurance

With our strong history of entrepreneurial success, Frankenmuth understands entrepreneurs and enterprising people. Opportunities exist in traditional retail, professional or personal services  as well as in manufacturing, light industry and R&D. Development properties including vacant land and existing buildings, offer a unique chance to hang your shingle – the choices are limited only by your imagination.

Cheese Haus Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon Cutting at the new Frankenmuth Cheese Haus. 

Do you have interest in investing? Starting a business? Not quite sure? 
Need help finding a site? Want information about zoning requirements, infrastructure,  incentives or local contacts?  Dedicated staff wants to work  with you to find the right solution. 

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Doing Business in Frankenmuth

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Historic District Boundary Map 
Historic Preservation District Review
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Frankenmuth Master Plan 2015     
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Starting, Growing, Relocating a Business

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Site Selection

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