Public Services

Public Services in the City of Frankenmuth delivers a variety of services that Frankenmuth's citizens rely on daily including:

  • City's infrastructure, including design, construction and maintenance
  • sewer system and wastewater treatment facility
  • brush, yard waste and leaf pick up
  • water distribution system
  • sidewalks and bike lanes
  • storm water system and water quality
  • general parks maintenance
  • winter maintenance
Within Public Services, there are three general divisions:

Department of Public Works

DPW Superintendent: Kenton ScherzerIMG-0547
Email Address:
Phone: 989-652-3443
Fax: 989-652-3792
Address: 216 W Schleier St, Frankenmuth

IMG-0567Water Resource Recovery Facility
WRRF Superintendent: Mark Schluckebier          
Email Address:
WRRF Asst. Superintendent: Mike Olson     
Email Address:
Phone:  989-652-3445  
Fax: 989-652-3793    
Address: 190 Plant St, Frankenmuth


Water Department
IMG-0553Water Superintendent: Kenneth O'Brien    
Email Address:     
Water Operator: 
Mark Daenzer 
Email Address:
Phone: 989-652-8987  
216 W Schleier St, Frankenmuth