Joerke, Jorgenson and Dehmel Drain - Notice of Day of Review

Saginaw County Notice of Day of Review

We have learned that the Saginaw County Public Works Commissioner has sent residents a “Notice of Day of Review of Drainage District Boundaries and Apportionments” for the Joerke Drain and/or the Dehmel Drain. A large number of residents on the north side of Frankenmuth have received this notice. We reached out to the Saginaw County Public Works Office to gather more information regarding the notice and it is summarized below:

  • The Joerke Drain (a County Drain)was established and constructed in 2000. The Dehmel Drain (a county drain) has been established for a number of years as has the Jorgenson Drain (a county drain). All of the lands shown inside the thick black line on the map labeled Exhibit B1 are included now or have been added to this specific drainage district. That means that rain water coming from these properties eventually makes its way to one of these drains.

    Whenever work is performed on a county drain, it is partially paid for by the landowners within the drainage district. From time to time the County updates its drainage district boundaries based on best available engineering information and survey data. There were some changes to this drainage district. According to drain code law, the County is required to hold a Day of Review to allow an opportunity for landowners to their inclusion and the district and to review a benefit apportionment charged to each landowner and municipality that contributes to the drain.
  • The factors used to establish the estimated apportionment percent for each property are based on how many acres they have in the drainage district (or their lot size) and how they are zoned – commercial, residential or farm land. Commercial pays a higher cost per acre than residential as they typically have more hard surfaces that create more rain water runoff. Residential generally pays a higher cost per acre than farm ground, as there are generally more hard surfaces that create more rain water runoff. Farm ground typically pays the lowest cost per acre as there is usually little to no hard surfaces that create more rain water runoff.
  • If you have questions about your inclusion in this district or your potential apportionment, you should attend the Day of Review on August 10. After a 10-day appeal process, the boundary and apportionment are finalized and that data will be used for future assessment.
  • Assessments are only levied when we complete work on the drain and when there is no more money in the drain maintenance account.
  • Saginaw County completed maintenance work on the Joerke Drain last year. They cut down brush that was growing up and then had it sprayed for brush to keep it knocked back. There was money in the original maintenance account from the project in 2000, so there was no need to levy an assessment to pay for the work HOWEVER at some point in the future the maintenance account will be depleted and their will be a need to levy an assessment. For the Dehmel Drain and Jorgenson Drains, we know of no pending work BUT at some point in the future some level of maintenance will be required.
  • The attachment below is a frequently asked questions sheet from Saginaw County Public Works.

FAQ Day of Review of Drainage District Boundaries and Apportionments