Wish that money could grow on beautiful trees?

With the committee's interest in Frankenmuth's beauty, we would love that money could grow on trees! Annually more than 700 people and businesses contribute to keep Frankenmuth beautiful.

Founding member Wally Bronner believed that it was an honor to share in the gift of giving. By sharing information about the Beautification Committee and asking for a donation was to share in the beautiful outcomes of the things the donation could buy! Wally spent a good part of his 53 years on the committee sharing the opportunity of giving, and the community was blessed by his presence. We miss his inspiration still.

Of the $120,000 needed to make each year's budget, nearly $70,000 of it will come from general donations from local residents, businesses and friends of Frankenmuth. Additionally, funds from the Wally and Irene Bronner and Family Foundation and the Palmer Foundation will add $14,500. The committee is challenged to add another $3600 in special event (fund-raising) revenue while the City of Frankenmuth and Downtown Development Authority will contribute the balance.

The board carefully develops the budget to provide for year-round beautification efforts including summer flowers, flags and banners, holiday and miscellaneous projects. Less than 2% of the contributions are used for administrative purposes, which is primarily used for printing and postage.

 If you are already a donor and contributor to the efforts of the City Beautification Committee, THANK YOU!