Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardness of my water?

What is a cross connection?   

Winter Safety Reminder!

What causes water main breaks?

Does cold weather cause more water main breaks?

Will you notify me if you need to turn off for a water main break? 

Who should I call to report a water emergency or water main break?

There was a water main break on my street or in my driveway, but the road or driveway was not restored – Why is this?

Is my water quality affected by a water main break?

When the crew arrives, how long does a water main break take to repair?

How many miles of water main does the City maintain including the Township's distribution system?

Why is my water bill so high this month?

Where do I shut the water off to my house in an emergency?

Where is the water meter located at?

Who should I call for billing questions?

Is your toilet leaking?