Virtual Tour of Voting in Frankenmuth

Welcome to the City of Frankenmuth Voting Precinct Numbers 1 & 2 at the City and Township Government Center. In order to prepare you for voting in the upcoming election, while making your experience as fast, efficient and user-friendly as possible, we have prepared this Virtual Tour of our precinct layout.

Pic_AA. On Election Day, you will be directed to the proper precinct by election officials and/or signs. Because of the number of voters residing in the City, there are two voting precincts. Genesee Street is the precinct boundary line. Knowing your voting precinct upon entering City Hall will save you time; however, we are ready to assist you.

Precinct No. 1 is the voting place for residents living north of Genesee Street , including those residents living on the north side of Genesee Street .

Precinct No. 2 is the voting place for residents living south of Genesee Street , including those residents living on the south side of Genesee Street.

Pic_BB. Upon entering your precinct, you will be required to complete a simple application form. Should you require any special needs, please inform a precinct official at this time.

Pic_CC. STEP ONE.  The “Application to Vote” form requires you to complete your full name, address, day and month of birth and your signature. Once you’ve completed the application form, please move to the next station.

Pic_DD. STEP TWO. Please present the completed “Application to Vote” form to the precinct official. They will verify the information on the application form with our official voting or poll list.

Pic_EE. After verifying your name on the polling list, you will take your “Application to Vote” form to the next station.

Pic_FF.STEP THREE. This station is where you will be issued a voting ballot and offered instruction on ALL aspects of the voting process. Upon completing this step, you will have in your possession the official ballot issued to you and your “Application to Vote” form and be directed to the first available voting booth.

Pic_GG. STEP FOUR. While in the voting booth, you may use a “slate card” of candidates and proposals that you prepared at home; however, we will ask that you use this information discretely because campaign literature of any type, including campaign buttons, is prohibited in and around the precinct. Only a voter is required to be in the voting booth; however, a minor child (anyone under 18 years of age) may accompany a voter in the booth or election officials who have been requested to assist a voter with special needs.

Pic_HH. STEP FIVE. After completing your ballot, please take your ballot and the “Application to Vote” form to the next station. At this time, an election official will 
verify, in your immediate presence, the printed number on the ballot stub with 
the number written on your application form, all while preserving the secrecy of 
your ballot. Once the ballot number has been verified with the application form, the stub will be removed from your ballot and you will be directed to the final station to cast your ballot.

Pic_II. City precincts process ballots using an Optical Scan Voting Machine. This machine electronically tabulates ballots after the polls close.

Pic_JJ. STEP SIX. At this final station, you are required to insert your ballot into the voting machine without assistance (unless you have requested assistance due to 
a special need
). The machine accepts ballots face-up, face-down, backward and forward. Please give adequate space to those voters inserting their ballots ahead of you in order to insure ballot secrecy. Please don’t exit the precinct until you are sure that your ballot is accepted by the tabulator. Should the tabulator return your ballot, an election official will be nearby to offer you assistance.

Pic_KK. Our goal is to insure your right to vote. A few minutes of your time and six easy steps are all it takes. We want your voting experience to be a pleasant one. Please feel free to contact an election official or the Clerk’s office should you need assistance, have comments or offer any suggestions.  Thanks for allowing us to serve you.