Streets and Sidewalks

Streets within the City of Frankenmuth are divided into two categories for funding purposes. These funds help to maintain the streets and sidewalks on local and major streets. The City of Frankenmuth takes great pride in their streets and sidewalks. In keeping with the civic pride displayed in our Community by the appearance of our properties, your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated in following these regulations.

Overnight Parking on Streets
From November 1st through April 30th, overnight parking is prohibited on the streets between the hours of 2 a.m. & 6 a.m., for snow removal.

Parking of Commercial Vehicles
It is unlawful to park any commercial vehicle such as a truck, semi-trailer, or tractor truck, having a rated capacity of twenty-six thousand and one (26,001) pounds gross vehicle weight or more, in any residential zone, except for the purposes of loading or unloading, or during the course of construction. Parking applies not only to public streets, but also to private property, driveways, and parking areas.

Placing Snow on Streets
Depositing snow from your property onto the City street is prohibited by State Law.

Sidewalk Obstruction
Tree branches & shrubs must be regularly trimmed so as not to grow into the path of the sidewalk and obstruct clear passage. Please keep sidewalks regularly edged so the uncontrolled growth of grass does not cause a hazard. Parked vehicles & piles of snow may not obstruct sidewalks.