Owning a Historic Home

Owning a home in the historic district may require some coordination and approvals prior to beginning certain types of work. The City is focused on making the process as simple as possible. 

In residential districts, a focus on contributing historic properties in residential neighbors is on enhancing and preserving existing historic character. Paint color is not required to be submitted for approval because it does not inherently impact the structural integrity of the building unless you are painting brick or stone that has not previously been painted. We do however encourage homeowners to choose color schemes that are complementary to the character of the home.  If a chosen color scheme is within the provided examples, it can be administratively approved.  If a chosen color scheme is not within the provided examples, it is required that the property owner schedule a formal concept meeting with City staff or historic commission members.  (waiting on color schemes)

No Permit Required

Window replacement is not required to be approved if the window openings remain the same size. Building permits for window replacement when the windows remain the same size are also not required.

 Replacement of roofing materials is not required to be approved when replacing with the same materials (e.g. asphalt shingles with asphalt shingles).  When replacing roofing materials with a different material, please contact City staff.

 Replacement of original siding materials with vinyl or cement board siding may be approved when replaced with a material that is similar to the size and features of the original and/or contributing dwellings in the area.


Permit Required

Fences are permitted in the side and rear yard with a fence permit. No HDC review is required but a zoning permit is required.

 Reconstruction and rehabilitation of porches, etc., are encouraged to rely on the existing character of the home. Construction that is intended to repair/renovate/rehabilitate what is there now with a newer equivalent is encouraged.

 Additions and substantial renovations to homes should rely on the existing character of the home or, when that has been substantially altered, the character of contributing homes in the vicinity. This includes taking into consideration the surrounding bulk, mass and overall design of homes in the immediate area. (waiting on photos of examples)


New construction in established Historic District neighborhoods is encouraged to rely on found character in terms of design, bulk and mass.