Kroger Rewards Card

Looking for an easy way to donate to the CBC's Endowment Fund? Your Kroger Rewards Card can return a portion of your grocery bill to the CBC Endowment Fund established with the Frankenmuth Community Foundation.

In order to participate, you must have a Kroger Rewards Card (available through the store) and then you must register your customer number online. It's easy to enroll (or re-enroll) in Kroger Community Rewards. Go to this web site:, click on "Michigan" and then click on "Enroll" or "Re-Enroll."

 The City Beautification number is 90522. You'll need your Kroger's customer ID when you visit the website and you'll need to enter some basic information. Once you've registered, a percentage of your bill is redirected to the CBC Endowment - no checks to write, no calculations to make, no fuss or muss!

 The Kroger program requires all participants to re-enroll on April 1 of each year - we want you to keep up the good work, so visit the website and be sure to re-enroll.

 Quarterly, the Foundation receives a check from Kroger's for the Endowment. Contributing doesn't get much easier than this!