Patrol Division

The patrol division consists of 39 officers including sworn and non-sworn staff. The division provides police services to the public 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Uniformed officers in marked vehicles deter crime by random and directed observation of all areas of the City and Township of Frankenmuth. Patrol Officers investigate crashes and crimes, make arrests and transport prisoners, respond to citizen calls for assistance checking on suspicious or unusual events, enforce traffic laws, and remove disabled vehicles from the roadway.

Our patrol officers have a proactive stance on traffic enforcement and make numerous traffic contacts each shift. They believe the most fundamental way to keep a community safe is through traffic contacts and making sure criminal activity is not afoot. The department features a bicycle patrol, and provides crime prevention information.

The area of patrol consists of 36 square miles and is bordered by the Townships of Birch Run, Bridgeport, Buena Vista, and Blumfield, as well as the County of Tuscola.

Our Patrol Fleet

Our fleet is comprised of Chevy Tahoes.  Each vehicle is equipped with a Federal Signal Argent SL LED light bar, along with multiple LED and strobe lights. The interior of our fleet is equipped with a front/rear facing radar, MDD (computer) and Motorola radio, AED (defibrillator), paramedic/first aid bag, fingerprinting kit, PBT, and any other items are added as needed.

The video system is a Mobile Vision (camera) which is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The MDD is used to dispatch CAD (computer aided dispatch) events and run license checks in LEIN/SOS during traffic contacts. The MDD also uses a closed loop system to send/receive e-mails within Saginaw County and also has an instant message capability. All traffic citations are written using an e-citation program that computer generates all traffic tickets and prints them out on an in car printer. The tickets are then sent wirelessly to the traffic court for processing. We also use the MDD to keep all the cars updated with current material.

Officers also bring their own patrol bag with them which is loaded with any other gear they may need such as forms, flashlights, clipboards, etc.