Commercial Development

If you plan on making changes to a non-single family property in the City, the best course of action is to call us or stop in to meet with staff.  Commercial, institutional and multiple family properties typically require additional review prior to construction. This may include a formal review of a site plan by the Planning Commission and depending on your location, a review by the Historic Preservation District Commission.

In preperation for meeting with staff, here are a few items to keep in mind:
The City wants to make this process as smooth as possible.  Planning Commission meetings are the third Tuesday of each month. Complete drawings should be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting in order to allow staff to thoroughly review them and provide written comments.

Ideally, we want to sit with developers and/or property owners prior to them beginning design work so that we can explain any property restrictions, variances, easements or other items that may play an important role in the design or renovation of the property. These informal meetings can take place in person or digitally. To schedule a meeting, please email us

Other frequently requested documents are included below:

Historic Preservation District Review  Permanent Sign Permit Application
Planning Commision Site Plan Review Procedures Temporary Sign Permit Application
           - Site Plan Review Checklist Tent Permit Application
           - Groundwater Protection Checklist  Zoning Permit Application
           - Traffic Impact Checklist  
Sign Regulations Table  
DDA District Boundary Map  
Historic District Boundary Map  
Frankenmuth Master Plan 2015