Winter Activities

Memorial Park’s natural hills are a popular place for sledding. There are multiple hills of various sizes and directions that can be used for sledding.
Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe while enjoying the snow.
  • Adults should always supervise children while they are sledding.
  • Make sure the hill is safe: Avoid steep slopes and hills with holes or obstacles in the sledding path. Do not sled on hills that end near a street, parking lot, pond, or other danger.
  • Be aware of the people around you. Wait until the hill is clear of other sledders to avoid collisions.
  • The use of protective equipment, especially a fitted helmet, is strongly encouraged.
  • Never go down a hill headfirst; sit facing forward with your feet pointing downhill and steer. Sledding head first increases the risk of head injury.
  • Use a sled that can steer rather than a saucer, disc,or tube.
  • Know how to stop your sled or turn by dragging your feet. If your sled won’t stop or if you are out of control, roll off your sled and onto the ground.
  • Wear warm and layered clothing to protect from injuries and the cold.

Cross-country Skiing
Memorial Park is also a used for cross-country skiing. There are no tracks set and the park is not groomed, but the terrain and landscaping makes it an enjoyable place for skiing.

winter_bridge     winter_sled2     winter_sledhill

Winter Indoor Walking
For those looking to avoid the snow & ice while still getting some exercise, Kern Pavilion is open for walking in the winter.  click here for details