Parks & Facilities

Our Parks

In a community of nearly 5000 people, our parks are essential for recreation, quality of life, and our economy. The City offers 18 parks containing over 120 acres of land that provide not only common space for sports, concerts, and other public events, but also sanctuaries for quiet relaxation and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Our parks offer different environments and facilities for enjoyment by the public. The parks are used for recreation, family gatherings, picnics, and other social events. Selected park buildings and facilities may be reserved for groups or events.
Our parks and green spaces are vital to the health of our community. Parks play an important role in defining our city, our communities and the individuals who live and work throughout Saginaw County.

The benefits of parks are endless – to individuals, communities, the economy and the environment.

Benefits to Individuals
Our parks offer opportunities to enrich the quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. Children who participate in recreation programs though Frankenmuth Parks benefit from a safe and enriching environment. Adults who participate in a variety of social and recreational opportunities benefit from the social connections and interactions that are fundamental to their well-being.

Benefits to Communities
Parks and recreation programs offer the opportunity to engage in arts, music and sports. Our parks are symbols of vitality and character and add to our quality of life. Our parks are more than just places to recreate. Strong, established parks are the focal point of communities. They are places for social and cultural exchange.

Benefits to the Economy
Our parks can strengthen our economy. Parks and recreation programs generate revenue directly from fees and charges, but more importantly, provide significant indirect revenues to local and regional economies from sports tournaments and special events such as festivals. Economic activity from hospitality expenditures, tourism, fuel, recreational equipment sales, and many other private sector businesses is a true and sustained value to local and regional economies.

Benefits to the Environment
Our environment also benefits from our parks. Trees and open space contribute to many of life’s essentials – making water clean and safe for drinking, cleaning the air and returning pure oxygen to the atmosphere, and providing habitat for wildlife. Parks, through their natural environment keep us alive. Their beauty inspires and renews us. Supporting and protecting our parks helps us build and sustain a healthy, vibrant, growing community.

The Power of Parks