Friends of the Parks

Tree_Planting_408x640Help enhance our parks by making a tax deductible donation to the Friends of the Parks!

The Friends of the Parks is a group of residents and business owners that recognize the value of local parks and donate money to improve them. Due to limitations in funding, nearly all our current funding goes toward the maintenance and operation of the parks. So we rely on donations for the “extras” or improvements of the parks that make our park system beautiful and enjoyable.

Currently, the Friends of the Parks are focused on replacing ash trees that were lost over the past several years to an insect called the emerald ash borer. The infestation has been devastating this specie of shade tree in our area since 2009, and has spread across the state since 2002. It is estimated that approximately 150 ash trees have been lost in the parks in the past few years. The cost to replace one tree in the parks is over $200. The Friends of the Parks provide the much-needed financial support to combat this devastating insect and replace the lost shade trees in the parks.

In the future, the ‘Friends’ may help with new playground structures for kids, walking and biking paths, or even renovating ball diamonds. If there is a certain area or purpose that you would like to donate to improve, please let us know.

Friends of the Park donation form

Dog_jumpingFrankenmuth Hund Platz (Dog Park)

Built in 2006, and completely funded by donations, the dog park is a favorite for local dogs and their owners. We want to improve the park and add more amenities, especially a water fountain & shade structure, to make the park even more enjoyable. ‘Friends’ can help us reach our goal by donating toward this facility.

Frankenmuth Hund Platz donation form