About the Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

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With the mission of the Frankenmuth Economic Development to facilitate economic opportunity, the EDC goal is to preserve and attract investment, fostering community sustainability and resiliency.

The EDC works City-wide with development interests supporting tourism, general commerce, light industrial and residential investments. An advisory board to the City Council, the EDC wants to provide balance within the local economy through commercial diversity, hedging against changes in the economy while maintaining a strong foundation that fuels revenues for public safety, roads, schools, infrastructure and quality of life.

 We're Expanding Sign UptownUptown North Main; 2019 Expansion Project.

Unlike the DDA, the EDC works City-wide. On behalf of all investors, the EDC seeks to remove obstacles to development -- matching users with opportunities, reviewing the City’s processes and procedures and assisting as needed to facilitate investment.

Kremin Building April 2014Frankenmuth Business Park: Kremin Inc Construction Project 2015

Frankenmuth Business Park.  The EDC’s primary project has been the development of the Frankenmuth Business Park.

 Reorganized in 1999 as a committee at large, the EDC provided the legwork to purchase 15 acres on the north side of the City, in Frankenmuth Township. Working with Township leadership and the under the protocol established by the City Township Master Growth Plan, the EDC assisted the City with annexing the site over a period of years

In 2013, the City applied for and received a Community Development Block Grant for jobs development based on the investment of Kremin INC, an advanced manufacturer. With the assistance of grant from MEDC and MDOT, the City widened M83 to three lanes, constructed necessary infrastructure (water, sanitary and storm water distribution,) and built the new Keystone Way.

Doing Business.   

Board activities and initiatives are funded through the City’s General Fund, grants and contributions. The Annual Budget is based on projects deemed necessary by the EDC, with approval by the City Council.

In 2018, the EDC updated their five-year strategy and work plan.  Approved by the City Council, the EDC has identified four general focus areas:  Finishing the Business Park, Growing the Qualified Labor Pool, Reviewing the City's Housing Mix and Developing a Marketing Plan.   

The updated 2020 work plan can be found here.