About the Frankenmuth Downtown Development Authority

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About the DDA

The Frankenmuth’s Downtown Development Authority's mission is to create an investment worthy economic district. The commitment by property owners to invest and reinvest in their properties, businesses and employees is the fuel that drives the success of the district.  With additional outside investment, the district continues to evolve, adding to the continuum of investment while creating new destinations and providing new services to the marketplace.

With an eye to keep the DDA District visually stunning, the Frankenmuth DDA works to build an economic environment healthy for business, complimentary to Frankenmuth’s quality of life, and attractive to visitors, employees and investors.

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The DDA vision brings collaboration to the main stage – creating and sustaining a successful commercial center through comprehensive management, incremental successes and partnerships, good planning, and strong communication. The DDA continues to invest in the “big projects,” – investing in infrastructure, streetscape and other public improvements necessary to fuel growth.

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The Frankenmuth Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is charged to promote economic growth within the Downtown Development District -- to halt property value deterioration, to eliminate the causes of that deterioration, and to properly and reasonably use the powers conferred to the DDA.   The DDA is enabled by Michigan Public Act 57 of 2018 (formerly PA 197 of 1975) and authorized by local ordinance.

 Organized in 1983, the DDA has provided leadership, momentum and funding for many public projects within the downtown development district, an area of dedicated geography for DDA focus. For a map of the DDA district, click here.

For the updated DDA work plan, click here

A Little History

In 2020, the DDA celebrates its 37th year as an active organization. Work completed by the DDA supports a robust tourism economy and provides for expanded capacity supporting new opportunities in ecotourism and new land development – leading to a stable and growing economy, retaining and creating jobs.

  Over the span of 36 years, the DDA has

  • Coordinated more than $12 million in streetscape improvements; 
  • Maintained the investment to keep the district “visually stunning;
  • Improved storm water and sanitary distribution systems serving the downtown district enabling new development by expanding utility capacity;
  • Secured and provided matching funds for grants (exceeding $8 million) supporting district infrastructure, river and riverfront development projects; and
  • Worked closely with partner organizations including the City of Frankenmuth, Frankenmuth Chamber and CVB, Frankenmuth Schools, Frankenmuth Community Foundation, City Beautification Committee and more, to achieve community goals for economic vitality and quality of life.

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