Take our Survey!

The City will be closing their Master Plan survey on January 31 2023. The Master Plan survey
addresses what the City looks like in terms of development and relies on residents feedback and
opinions on how they view Frankenmuth and what they would want Frankenmuth to look like.
Every five years or so, communities are charged with reviewing and updating their master plan.
A master plan helps chart the course for improvements, development and redevelopment within a community. It also helps steer elected and appointed officials in terms of infrastructure
improvements, priorities and needs of residents and businesses.

Our survey includes questions on satisfaction levels with amenities or departments within the
City, preferred transportation or housing options, and a chance for residents to explain what they
would like to see in the future or what the City can improve with. We want to hear from you! If
you’d like to share your thoughts please use this link.

or you can request a paper at the City offices at 240 W. Genesee St.