Construction Updates

This page houses current information regarding construction projects undertaken by the City.

Craemer Drive Resurfacing
On January 9, City Council approved a contract for the resurfacing of Craemer Drive and Craemer Court.  Last year the City received a Recycled Rubber Tire grant through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to help pay for the repaving and improvements to Craemer Drive. The grant covers 50% of the total project cost. Although the use of recycled tires is more expensive than traditional asphalt/bituminous, with a 50% match provided through the grant, the City realizes substantial cost savings.

We bid the project last year in the spring and submitted bids were at least $50,000 over our estimated project cost. With the assistance of Rowe Engineering (who also wrote the grant to the MDEQ) the project was rebid this December at no cost to the City. The results were far more favorable. Rowe Engineering has reviewed the bids and recommends award to Green Tech, Inc. at $218,078. Green Tech is a relatively new firm however they have successfully completed similar projects and Rowe verified their references. Further, their subcontractors for the paving portion of the work are Lois Kay and Pyramid – both highly reputable local firms that the City and Rowe has previously worked with.

The work proposed includes milling the existing surface about 4 inches in depth, installation of edge drains along the roadway, curb work as necessary and bringing the sidewalks current to today's standards for accessibility. It is anticipated that the work will start sometime this spring/summer and ideally will be finished by July.