Application for Board, Commission, or Committee Membership
  1. Dear applicant: Thank you for your interest in serving the City. In order for the City Council to evaluate Board, Commission, or Committee appointments, we are asking for your response to the below listed questions. When complete, please click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. If you have additional comments, please put them in the Comment Box at the end of the application. You will be contacted by the City when your application has been received and/or reviewed. This application will be kept current for one (1) year from the date it was submitted.
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  3. Please indicate which Board(s), Commission(s), or Committee(s) you are interested in serving on as a member. Please indicate your choices which number "1" representing your first choice, number "2" representing your second choice, etc.
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  19. Please explain why you want to serve as member of a Board, Commission, or Committee.(*)
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  20. What training, experience, or other qualifications do you have which may help to strengthen the membership of a Board, Commission, or Committee?(*)
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  21. If you are interested in serving on a particular Board, Commission, or Committee, in your own words, what should be the function of that Board, Commission, or Committee?
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