Resident Assistance Program provides added security

This program stems from the Frankenmuth COVID-19 Task Force which has been meeting by-weekly and is available for self-registration or you may wish to register your loved one.  If you or a loved one would like some added security during these challenging times please consider registering for the Frankenmuth Police Department Assistance Program offered by the Frankenmuth COVID-19 Task Force.  This program is offered to all Frankenmuth City and Township residents. 

How does it work?  You register with the Frankenmuth Police Department by completing a registration form.  A representative from the Police Department will check on you or your loved either by knocking at your door and conversing through a closed door or calling a contact number supplied on the registration form. 

This contact will assess whether any assistance is needed or there is a need such as: groceries, general transportation, medical appointment, prescription pick up, post office etc.  The Frankenmuth COVID-19 Task Force has a number of local resources we can connect with the specific request.

Registration forms can be downloaded here. You can also call the Police Department 989.652.8371 ext. 155 and leave a message with your name and address and a representative from FPD will deliver a registration form and then pick it up when completed.