Gas Main on Reif Street

This winter residents may have noticed a "bump" form on Reif St. near Genesee St. As the bump continued to increase in height, DPW staff suspected Consumers Energy utilities to be the source. A miss dig utility location ticket was called in  and revealed that a gas main was located where the bump is occuring. City Staff met with Consumers Energy early this week and determined that the bump is a result of upgrades to the gas station at Reif  that were made last year. Consumers Energy increased the flow of the gas in the pipe. As a result of the increased flow, during cold weather the freezing potential is increased around the pipes. As the cold weather set in this winter, the area around the pipe froze and pushed the ground including the road upwards. Consumers Engineers are now looking into possible remedies to prevent this from happening and fix the "bump" At this point in time they believe they will have to lower the gas main out of the "frost zone". With the gas main lowered it will not be prone to future freezing. This solution will likely take many months to engineer and implement. In the time being they ensure us it is safe to drive over the "bump " and they hope it will settle back down when the ground thaws out.