The City of Frankenmuth's Capital Improvement Plan

Each year, the City prepares and adopts a Capital Improvement Plan. The plan is intended to provide a "road map" for capital expenditures (anything more than $20,000) for the next five years or more. Per State Law, the responsibility for the Plan rests with the City Planning Commission.

Staff assembles their requests for projects and purchases and they are reviewed internally to ensure. This internal review is done to ensure cost estimates are reasonable and that, whenever possible, projects that impact the same areas are aligned (if we are replacing a water main we look to ensure that if the road needs to be repaired we are coordinating those efforts). After the Planning Commission reviews and recommends it to City Council, the City takes extra time to ensure that the public has adequate time to review the plan (not required by law, but just a good thing to do). 

To read the City's Executive Summary, please click here. If you would like to reveiw the City's Capital Improvement Plan, please click here. Please contact us if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns. The adopted CIP plan will be used as a guide when the City Council creates its 2020-2021 budget.