Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

This winter the City is cleaning sanitary sewers in the "red" district of the City. This includes all or portions of the following streets:
Genesee, generally from Churchgrove to Park Drive
Ardussi and Ardussi Court
Willow Lane
N. Franklin from Schleier to Genesee
N. Main Street from Schleier to Genesee
Wickson Drive
N. Haas
Mary Lane and Mary Court
W. Tuscola from Craemer to Geyer

The City inspects sanitary manholes each year and then systematically inspects and cleans the sewer in a portion of the City takes about three years to do the whole City). The mains are cleaned with a jetter - meaning that there's high velocity water being moved through the pipes to clear blockages and obstructions (another reminder to not put anything - not grease, babywipes, etc., down the drain). Prior to crews working in your neighborhood, they will place a sticker on your door alerting you to the upcoming work (usually a day or two prior). When you receive a notice you should ensure that your toilet seat lids are closed and your basement drains covered. Sometimes, the cleaning can cause drains and toilets in the impacted areas to gurgle and can even cause splashing in and around the toilets and drains.

If you have any questions or concerns, message us here or call us at 989-652-9901.