Mid Michigan Waste Authority Inclement Weather Plan

MMWA’s Inclement Weather Plan
There are a number of public services that can be impacted by snowstorms and freezing rain, and refuse collection is no exception. While drivers make every effort to collect materials on schedule, they are cautioned against attempting service if driving conditions are hazardous. Safety is always MMWA and Waste Management’s shared priority. In preparation for this season’s weather challenges, MMWA would like to again share our Inclement Weather Service Impact Plan.

  • Roads that are found to be impassable when a truck goes by will not have collection service reattempts until the community’s regular collection day the following week. If an area is unable to be serviced two weeks in a row, MMWA will work with the affected community to develop an alternate service option, such as a roll-off dumpster being placed at your township hall for resident use. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this option.
  • MMWA staff work closely with Waste Management to get timely information about road conditions. When there is weather that adversely affects service in a community – whether it is a complete cancellation of that day’s service or an area/road that cannot be completed – MMWA communicates these impacts to the affected community’s trustee via email. On snowy and icy days please keep an eye on your email so you have the latest information about how the weather could be affecting collection in your community. We encourage trustees to forward these weather updates to appropriate office staff and other key contacts within the municipality.
  • MMWA will keep its Facebook page and website updated with collection service impacts, and this information will be added to MMWA’s outgoing phone greeting. Press releases will be distributed to all daily media outlets. Three area television stations – NBC25, WEYI25, and FOX66 – will again include refuse collection cancellations (when services are canceled for the entire community) in their weather delay/school closing lists. Please encourage your residents to check these stations’ emergency closing lists in the event of inclement weather on their service day. Remember, this information will only be on the school closing list if there is a complete cancellation of service in a community.
  • As a reminder, the media sometimes refers to other communities and counties as being located in “mid-Michigan,” which can cause confusion. This is why it is important to remember that MMWA will always make an announcement when weather conditions impact service. If you do not hear from us and there is no announcement on our Facebook page or website, you and your residents should assume that trash collection will be attempted as scheduled. Please encourage your residents to follow the MMWA Facebook page, because that is the easiest way to get timely service updates.
  • Please note that while MMWA staff are committed to keeping our community partners informed about weather-related collection service issues, we too live in areas that may be impacted by weather conditions or resulting power outages. Please be patient if you cannot reach someone at our office, and leave a message so we can respond to your questions or concerns as soon as we are able.