Sewer Cleaning Underway

streets_sewercleanSewer cleaning is underway.  Each year the City focuses on a different section of the City. This year, sewer cleaning is taking place in the southeast and northwest portion of the City. 

The process includes spraying water through sanitary sewer mains via a high pressurized hose to clear blockages and/or obstructions. Although not usually noticeable, it sometimes causes toilets and drains in teh affected areas to emit gurgling sounds and may even cause splashing in and around toilets and drains. We strong recommend that you keep toilet seat lids closed and cover basement floor drains. Because plumbing traps in your sewer line are sometimes emptied as a results of this process, sewer gases can enter your home. If sewer smells are noticed, residents are advised to flush their toilets or add water to floor drains. This will fill the plumbing trap with water and stop the sewer gases from further entering your home. If you have questions please contact the City Office at 989-652-9901 during regular office hours.