Draft Capital Improvement Plan for Citizen Reivew

The City has prepared a draft Capital Improvement Plan for the Planning Commission to review at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 19.  The City's Five Year Capital Improvement Plan (2018-2022) establishes, prioritizes, and plans funding for projects to improve existing and develop new infrastructure and facilities. A CIP promotes better use of the City’s limited financial resources, reduces costs, and assists in the coordination of public and private development.

The City’s CIP is a five-year roadmap, which identifies the major expenses over and above routine annual operating expenses. While the CIP serves as a long-range plan, it is reviewed and revised annually. Priorities may be changed due to funding opportunities or circumstances that cause a more rapid deterioration of an asset. This may include anything from private development projects to natural disasters to other, unforeseen circumstances. As a basic tool for documenting anticipated capital projects, it includes a number of unfunded projects for which needs have been identified, but specific solutions and funding have not necessarily been determined. 

The CIP is the result of an ongoing infrastructure planning process. Planning for the five-year CIP period provides the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities for capital investments. The 2018- 2022 CIP is developed through compliance with adopted policies and master plans, and recommendations from the public, professional staff, and elected and appointed City officials. The Draft CIP is made available to the public for review and then adopted by the Planning Commission, who then recommend adoption to the City Council. The projects listed in the 2018/2019 fiscal year ideally become the basis for preparation of the City’s budget for that year.

A complete draft of the plan is available here. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting on Tuesday to hear more about the process and proposed projects.