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Covid 19 Update - April 2
Due to the Governor's Executive Order regarding critical staff, City Offices are staffed remotely. That means we may not be as timely with answering the phone. Some staff members are working remotely - but are working. If you need to speak to the City Manager or you're not sure who to call, please call 652-3451 ext 110.  For a City Directory, please call 652-3430 and press 555 for a staff directory. We appreciate your assistance in helping us to better serve you.

Frankenmuth officially became a city on October 1, 1959 after a vote of the people approved the measure. Prior to that time, the village was organized as a village (January 14, 1904) and prior to that a Township, on January 3, 1854.)

The City of Frankenmuth is directed by a City Council made up of its Mayor and six Council members. The Mayor is elected every two years and Council members serve four year terms. The City Council appoints a manager to operate the daily affairs of the City.  More information on City Council and the Mayor is available here.

The City is governed by a City Charter, along with general ordinances and a zoning ordinance. It is the collective work of staff, City Council and numerous boards, committees and commissioners that do the work of the City.