Fire Safety Pictographs


Fire Safety Pictographs - Images that Teach in Any Language

Many American adults (over 30 million) can not read, write, or do basic math over a 3rd grade level. Beyond this, many U.S. citizens speak languages other than English. 

To fix this, You are invited to join the seventh webinar in U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA) Fire is Everyone’s Fight™ Webinar Series. In this webinar, we will showcase the latest additions to the USFA pictograph library at Each pictograph was developed to graphically convey key messages such as testing your smoke alarm each month and practicing your home escape plan.

This webinar will also highlight the testing and vetting methods used to ensure the understandability and effectiveness of the pictographs. It will also highlight how the USFA's pictographs are already being used for fire safety education. 

Attendance is limited, so sign up today!