Department of Public Works 

              216 W. Schleier  Frankenmuth, MI 48734
  Phone: 989-652-3443  Fax: 989-652-3792

DPW Superintendent:  Randy Braeutigam       Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Landscape/Tree Specialist:  Dan Hopp           Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for maintenance and general up-keep of the City streets, storm sewer drains, and detention basins, buildings, public grounds, street trees, sidewalks, and water and sewer mains. See below for detailed information.

Ice & Snow Removal Procedure - The local police department usually does the calling when conditions warrant snow or ice removal. 1" or less requires salting. More than 1" requires removal or plowing and salting.

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Sidewalk Maintenance & Repairs -

Approximately $25,000 is budgeted annual for sidewalk maintenance and repairs. If damage is 1" or less, we will grind off edge. If more than 1", we will remove and replace.

Monthly Brush Pick Up -

Monthly brush pick up occurs on the first Monday of every month, unless it falls on a holiday, in which case it will be on a Tuesday. The first 5 minutes of chipping are free. Thereafeter, residents will be billed $14 for every 5 minute period of fraction thereof.  

Click here for detailed information.

Street Repair & Resurfacing -

Churchgrove repave compressedCriteria: past maintenace cost, traffic count, age, and  conditon of surface.                            




Street Sweeping Procedure -   

streetsweep As needed, approximately once per month from April through November, street sweeping will occur as weather permits. We have approximately 56 miles of curb and gutter in the city that we cover. 

Leaf Pick Up -                                    

leaf pick upPick up of leaves occurs from Mid-October until late November. We grind or shred leaves into dump wagons and haul to a local farmer who then stockpiles and spreads them onton the farm fields.

In order to make the collection as efficient aspossible, the DPW Superintendent requests that residents abide by the following regulations

(1) Rake leaves into the street, at least 12 inches away from, but parallel to the curb. This will allow storm water to properly run-off into catch basins.

(2) Leaf piles must not be over 18 inches in height and must be in a row. Leaf piles should be kept at least 25 feet from street intersections (corners).

(3) Only leaves, garden and flower vegetation (remove all soil from the roots) can be placed along the curb. NO GRASS CLIPPINGS.

City Tree Program -

The DPW trims, removes, and replaces all trees within the right of ways and parks within the city limits. We do not spray any trees. We have a naturalist on staff and are a Tree City USA member. The City employees a landscape/Tree Specialist on staff.
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City Parks -

DSC 0049 compThe City of Frankenmuth Department of Public Works maintains grass, trees, and flowers as well as performs weed control, in all city owned parks.


Flower Planting & Maintenance -

The DPW handles the ordering, planting, and maintenance of all flowers in the parks and right of ways with the help of some civic groups. The City employees a Landscape/Tree Specialist.

Minor Building Repair -

The Department of Public Works handles minor building reapir, roofing, painting, etc. on city owned buildings.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance -

The DPW does an annual inspection fo every sanitary sewer manhole throughout the city.

Storm Water Management -

In 1999, the city adopted a storm water management plan which regulates the flow of storm water so that the City Sewer System does not become overburdened upon reaching its capacity.  This plan includes restricting the flow of storm water by requiring a Storm Water Discharge Permit as stated in the following ordinance: 

Storm Water Discharge Permit Requirements.  Any parcel of real estate which discharges storm water to the City's storm water drainage systems shall be limited in the amount of storm water which may be discharged from the premises to the capacity as outlined in the City's Storm Water Management Plan or due to City authorized storm drainage improvements.  Before any improvements are made, a storm water management and drainage plan shall be approved by the City Engineer in accordance with the requirements of the City's Storm Water Management Plan and a storm water discharge permit issued thereof.

Click here for the Storm Water Management Plan

Water Department -

The City Water Departments Goal is to provide residents with a sage and abundant supply of drinking water. Click Here For More Information.  

Other Information -

Lawn Vegetation Management
Preserve your Watershed