Recreation Options

During this time of concern about COVID-19, we recognize that exercise and mental health is also important.  Spending time outdoors can keep your mind and body healthy. If you would like to get outside or exercise, we urge you to:

  • Go out only if you’re feeling healthy.
  • Do so individually or in small groups- practicing effective physical distancing
  • Wash or disinfect your hands before and after using any community structures
  • When going indoors (bathrooms or similar strucures) or in close proximity with others outdoors, wear a covering over your mouth & nose.


Here are some ideas for activities during this time:

  • Go for a walk or runSidewalks around town or the Riverwalk in Heritage Park.
  • Go for a bike ride or rollerblade- Bike lanes around town or the riverwalk in Heritage Park.  Check out this list of Rail Trails nearby.
  • Work out in the parks - Run the hills in Memorial Park, do some simple strength training on natural features or park equipment.
  • Disc Golf in Memorial Park  - Even if you don’t disc golf,  go walk the course and explore the park.
  • Go fishing in the Cass River- There are several locations in town to fish along the banks of the Cass River.  New to fishing? The DNR has info to get you started.
  • Play Tennis or Pickleball at the Tennis Courts behind List Elementary School.
  • Check out the Woodcarver’s Pavilion on Main Street- This pavilion is home to 27 hand crafted wood carvings of Grimm’s Fairy Tales on the posts of the pavilion.
  • Read a book or do school work in the fresh airDid you know that you get Vitamin D from the sun which helps maintain a healthy immune system? 
  • Check out Willkommen Park & the Veterans MemorialTake in the history at the park, make it a math lesson for the kids, maybe it is counting the names, finding the oldest individual on the wall, doing some multiplication to see how many bricks make up the wall, use your imagination and teach a history and math lesson at the same time.
  • Bird Watching- In your back yard, in a park, or virtually anywhere.   The Audubon Society can get you started in this growing activity.  
  • Check out the trail at Cross Park.
  • Explore all of Frankenmuth’s Parks- Did you know that the City of Frankenmuth is home to 19 different parks or public open spaces? Can you find them all?
  • Check out the historic Gugel Bridge at Beyer Road over the Cass River.
  •  Try Geocaching – check out for more info.

Thanks for doing your part to protect the health and safety of yourself and your neighbors!

Before you head outdoors, be sure to check the latest COVID-19 recommendations.