Covid-19 Update

The situation regarding Covid-19 or corona virus, is changing rapidly. Your local community has gathered to create a Frankenmuth Task Force inclusive of healthcare professionals, church, school, library, business and city leaders.   We are working to ensure that we are well coordinated. We do a lot of things really well in Frankenmuth and coming together in a crisis is one of them.

Age Matters!

If you’re over 70 – with or without any health conditions:  please do your best to stay at home!

 No matter your age -- if you have an underlying health condition such as breathing issues, hypertension or a compromised immune system. Avoid crowds and do your best to stay home. 

 If you’re under 70 – You may not be sick, but you can be a carrier of this aggressive virus. Your family and neighbors need you to avoid crowds and stay home.

If you have symptoms that concern you – especially a fever and cough -- please CALL your trusted healthcare provider for more information before you go to your doctor’s office, an urgent care facility or emergency room. 

Social distancing will help us make a difference.  As more people in our region are tested, it is expected that the number of positive cases will increase. This makes these precautions even more important.

Need Help?

Your community is here for you!  Are you or your children feeling anxious? Do you need some help finding activities that are safe to do during this time? Need someone to pick up a prescription?  What about general assistance in terms of feeding your family?  Reach out to any local church (each local church is involved) or call 989.652.3441 and speak with an operator or leave a message.  A network of volunteers is ready and willing.

 Free food for families is available for pick up at the Frankenmuth High Concession Stand, near the football field. All families with children and those with special needs up to age 26 are eligible -- even if you don’t go to Frankenmuth Public Schools. Meals are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the week of March 24 and March 31. Pick up is available from 7:45 am to 9 am and from 11 am to 1 pm. Questions or requests should be sent to with “lunch” in the subject line. You can pick up meals for others if they can’t make it.

 Call 211 for non-emergency needs. 

 Check out these Local Communication Resources.

  • Channel 191
  • or
  • The Frankenmuth News
  • City of Frankenmuth on Facebook and Twitter

The task force includes representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the Frankenmuth School District, St. Lorenz School, Wickson District Library, Frankenmuth City and Frankenmuth Township including Police, Fire and Parks and Recreation, and area places of worship including St. Lorenz, the Frankenmuth United Methodist Church, The Frankenmuth Bible Church and Blessed Trinity Catholic Church and local healthcare professionals including Dr. Schaller and Jamie Furbush with Convenant Healthcare.

 I want to request assistance

I want to volunteer

Please use the city’s information line, 652-3441, for the latest local information. The State of Michigan has established a Covid-19 hotline, 1-888-535-6136, between 8 am and 5 pm daily.

 Sharing credible, reliable information is important. Please use these websites for up to date information:

State of Michigan Corona Virus 
Saginaw County Health Department
CDC Guidance for Families
CDC Guidance for Places of Worship
CDC Guidance for Business